Monday, 7 December 2015

Spectacular Inside Out Wallpapers

 "Have you ever looked at someone and wondered what is going on inside their head?" A brilliant animation is out for everyone to enjoy. Inside out is a story about an eleven year old girl that has to a just to a new area and how her emotions "react" to this change. The story is full of adventure when two of Riley's emotions got separated from the rest. In this amazing family movie you learn the importance of friendship and how everybody has its place and role to play. As the movie progresses you will see the importance of working together and supporting your friends.

Young Riley at the dinner table staring at a bowl of broccoli

Little Riley burring her dad with sand on one of their holidays. This is one of the most precious memories that Riley has.

Disgust is one of Riley's emotions. she is never satisfied and always wants to do and be better. This little emotion thrives to be better than everyone and only wants the best for Riley.

Fear is the emotion that always worry. He is very cautious and suspicious of new things. It is his job to keep Riley safe and out of harm's way.

 This sweet little emotion is misunderstood and  very emotional. She is always droopy and has no confidence. She is understanding and only wants what is best for Riley.

The one and only famous Joy. She was Riley's very first emotion and she takes it upon herself to be the leader of the team aka team happy. Joy's soul purpose is to make sure  that Riley is always happy. She is always positive and try to rub of on the other emotions especially Sadness

Anger is what most people would call a ticking time bomb. He is always waiting for his opportunity to lose his cool and have an outburst. Anger is a very funny character with major anger management issues.

Inside out has a couple of amazing desktop wallpapers for you to enjoy every time you put on your computer.

Joy and sadness on their way back to head quarters, riding the train of thought. 

On their way to get back to head quarters joy and sadness has to cross a river of lava. 

This is Riley's long lost Imaginary friend Bing Bong. He loves Riley with all his heart and will do anything to make her happy and keep her sweet smile on her face.

Have a laugh at one of inside out's funny wallpapers. Here we can see joy and the rest of the gang cooking smores on Anger's flaming head.

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