Monday, 4 January 2016

The Good Dinosaur Wallpapers

This amazing new animation brought to you by Pixar and Disney is a beautiful story about a little dinosaur that finds his place in the world. Arlo is the smallest of his siblings and also has a very big problem that keeps him back. Fear consumes little Arlo in almost any situation. This little Dinosaur gets send on a very adventurous journey when he is taken from his home and 'dopped' miles away from it.

Join Arlo on his mission, full of dangers, to get back home. He befriends a little human boy named Spot who accomponeys him and also becomes a very special person to Arlo. This amazing story is full of amazing characters like Ramsey and Nash who also help the frighten dinosaur to overcome his fears and face them dead on, to make him stronger than he ever thought he could be.

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